Monday, November 26, 2012

Blog Post 5 Back to the Future 521

This semester I have been surprised by the literacy levels of my students, they are able to read, analyze stories, and develop plot characterizations verbally and effectively. They are not however able to effectively convey this same information in well organized and thought out essays with proof.

On September 30, 2013 My students are be engaged in a group project where they will talking about and discussing with each other the aspect of the story plot and how they have contextual evidence to support their claims. This was a good exercise because they all have been reading a novel of their choice. They have talked in small literature circles about the importance of their novels with other students. But seeing them animatedly talking to other students about a book they have read in exciting.

December 15 2013
My students are writing a persuasive essay this week they have had a lot of practice arguing and discussing novels and out side non-fiction texts. It has been interesting to watch them understand that a well-informed opinion is better then just a feeling. They are also excited to debate their finding with each other and vote on the most convincing persuasive essay in the class. They have also been using the computers in class and their personal smart phones and devices to find evidence and refute finding. They really seem to love checking the facts that I present them and more importantly proving my data wrong. Yeah they miss use their devices occasionally but the benefits out strips the negatives.

May 30 2014
My students are capable of independent learning when it comes to reading text and finding arguments or the writer’s purpose.  They not only can read these text but they are good and look for evidence to counter ideas and writing them in clear and logical ways.  Not only that but they are comfortable looking at others thoughts and allowing their own opinions and feeling to be changed by well thought out arguments. 

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