Monday, November 5, 2012

521 blog post 3 TPE4 Making content accessible through student based products

In my classroom I try and foster creativity in multiple ways, mostly by giving students the opportunity to show me how they understood the concepts I want them to learn. For example, in my class I wanted my students to analyze Hamlet and discuss if they thought he was really insane or not. I could have just had them write me an essay. Instead, I allowed my students to choose how they wanted to show me they understood and analyzed the play. So while they are still meeting state adopted standards the purpose has not changed just the product. The class got into groups and they were able to collaborate with other students on projects and decide how to proceed. This allows students the opportunity to be creative in ways that makes them feel like their skills are appreciated. By allowing students to pick their own projects it also allows them to solve different kinds of problem and reasoning skills that a traditional paper might not have.  Students not only have to navigate how to obtain new information but working in groups they need to learn how to communicate clearly and collaborate effectively. By allowing students the opportunity to work in groups with their peers I no longer become the funnel for their learning rather my role becomes more of a facilitator for where information can be found. Students learn then how to use a variety of sources to find answers to their questions not just me.  Students not only learn effective Internet research techniques but as I discuss what they are doing, I am able to help them learn how to make their project happen. For example, I have a group who wanted to film a newscast, by showing them how to use their IPhones to film and edit the project I was able give them the tools and root by which they could make their vision come alive. This type of project that I try to facilitate encourages students creativity and imagination but also because students are picking project they believe they can accomplish they them selves differentiate the products creating a balanced and comprehensive experience.

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