Sunday, October 7, 2012

i+1 ELD Instructional model

When working with English Language students it is important to understand what their CELT scores mean. For instance, if one has an EL student with a CELT score of 3 which represents Intermediate level, the standard that students is trying to meet must correspond to the i+1 Model. By this I mean the student already has met all the skills needed for Celt score 3 and they need to move on to CELT score 4 level learning. To see what this might look like follow the link below to access a vocabulary lesson plan that I created. In box 3a. You can see I identified an EL students with a CELT score of 4 which represents early advanced. Then if you look at box labeled 6) You can see the ELD standard I listed is for an Advanced or CELT level 5 student.  In order to meet this standard and help my ELD student advance I simply added required the whole class to use a dictionary to define a given word.


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